Contact Lens Types

Contact lenses create a new outlook on life, without the restrictions to your field of vision or the problems of misting and lack of freedom for sports use. Contact Lenses are a superb way of correcting your eyesight. Now with the many different types of lenses available there should be a lens to fit your eye. They are now healthier and more comfortable on the eye than ever, and best of all, no one need ever realise that you are wearing them.

The two main types of contact lenses are rigid gas permeable and soft rigid gas permeable lenses.

These have evolved over the years from the original hard perspex lenses. They are made from materials which are more permeable to air than hard and most soft lenses.

There are lots of different types of contact lenses available. Our team will match your eyes with the most suitable, whatever your prescription.

Daily disposable lenses

Daily lenses are taken from a sterile pack, worn once and thrown away at the end of wear without the need for solutions or storage.

  • No cleaning
  • Wear for a day and throw them away
  • Excellent for travelling as no solution is needed

Monthly/fortnightly disposable lenses

Monthly and two weekly contact lenses are an ideal choice for the frequent disposable contact lens wearer. They are a more economical and versatile way of providing contact lenses especially more complex and astigmatism prescriptions.