About Us

Our Mission

Jaff’s Optical House is committed to delivering affordable eyecare without compromising either

quality or clinical standards.

Our Vision

To be East Africa’s number one eyecare service through affordable products, professional eyecare, development, technology, encouraging staff creativity, continuous learning, teamwork and superior customer service.

Our history

Jaff’s Optical House was started in Mombasa in 1953 by the late Jafferali Gulamhusein (hence the name Jaff’s) which was for many years the number one supplier of fashionable eyewear to residents of the island. It was not until 1987 that we expanded and opened our first outlet in Nairobi at the Sarit Centre in Westlands, closely followed by a second branch at the Village Market, Gigiri in 1995.

In early 2017, we opened our third store at the newly built Two Rivers mall, Limuru.

Since our inception 56 years ago, Jaff’s Optical house has had a vision of delivering affordable eyecare without compromising on quality and services. For over 20 years, we have invested in exceptional state-of- the-art equipment for eye examination, contact lens fitting and spectacle dispensing.

We also carry out cataract and glaucoma screening in the form of Ophthalmoscopy, measuring eye pressure and visual field analysis.

Jaff's today

Jaff’s Optical House is the exclusive stockist of a wide range of elegant and exciting eyewear. We have focused our attention on the world’s most visionary designers because the personality of the frame reflects the personality of the wearer. We have enough choice for you to build a wardrobe of frames to match any outfit, occasion or mood. So, whether you want a pair of glasses for work in an office, or for a special occasion, we have a style for you. Eye examinations are carried out by UK

trained and qualified Optometrists who carry out a full eye examination tailored to the patients’ needs.

Jaff’s Optical House is the only one in East and Central Africa that offers the latest in vision correction through Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT, USA) or Orthokeratology (Ortho K, Europe). This procedure involves fitting a patient with a special contact lens that corrects the patient’s vision by temporarily reshaping the curvature of the cornea while they sleep. On waking, the lenses are removed resulting in corrected vision. The effects last for a day or longer – some users may find that they only have to wear the contact lenses every other night.

What drives us

Jaff’s Optical House achieves its vision and mission by following these core values as its guiding principles:

  • Integrity: We ascribe in totality to honesty, transparency and accountability.
  • Professionalism: We strive to attain the highest professional standards in all our endeavours through the application of competent staff and by embracing state-of- the-art- technology.
  • Team spirit: We seek to pursue teamwork as a means of building understanding and cooperation in our internal and external relationships.
  • Safety Culture: We strive to create a safe working environment and to uphold environmentally friendly practices to have a positive and healthy impact in all our endeavours.
Jaff’s Optical House today offers:
  • Complete eye examinations
  • Eye pressure test
  • Visual field analysis
  • Glaucoma, diabetic and hypertension eye screening

We offer a wide range of specialised contact lenses, including:

  • Bifocal
  • Progressive
  • Astigmatic correction and Keratoconic lenses
  • Monthly and Daily soft lenses
  • Hard/Gas permeable lenses
  • Coloured and “Crazy” lenses
  • Extended wear lense
  • Spectacle lenses
  • Single vision
  • Photochromatic
  • Anti-glare

We also stock contact lens solutions, designer and non-designer frames, sunglasses and accessories.