Children's Eye Care

Can your child see properly?

Poor eyesight can have a significant effect on children’s ability to learn and on their behaviour – yet often goes unrecognised by teachers, parents and by children themselves. Children may not be aware or may not be able to explain their vision difficulties and – as a parent – you may not notice any problems.

The sooner that vision problems are detected – the better the outcome.  Many childhood eye conditions, such as lazy eye and squint, can be treated if they are picked up early – as the eye and visual system are actively developing during the school years. If vision problems are identified and treated, it can make a difference that lasts a lifetime.

Child friendly optometrists that make the eye examination a fun experience for children

Children’s eye care is precious. Eye problems like long-sightedness, short-sightedness, squints and lazy eyes can affect their development and learning progress at school. The sooner a problem is detected the more effectively it can be treated, for example by Children’s Glasses.

If eyesight problems are left undetected, this may cause permanent disabilities and vision defects. It is for this reason we recommend early eye examinations.

Carefully chosen high quality children’s glasses

Should your child require spectacles, our friendly professional staff can help you and your child choose from our range of frames specifically for our younger patients. Our modern and stylish ranges include light weight titanium and memory metal frames with sprung sides to give added strength and reduce the risk of breakage.

Some prescriptions may benefit from thinner and lighter lenses to help improve the comfort and cosmetic appearance of the spectacles.