Women's Frames

At Jaff’s optical house we stock a wide range of ladies spectacles from our house brands to various designer brands.

We have focused our attention on the world’s most visionary designers because the personality of the frame reflects the personality of the wearer. We have enough choice for you to build a wardrobe of frames to match any outfit, occasion or mood. So, whether you want a pair of glasses for work in an office, or for a special occasion, we have a style for you.

For more information about any of the brands we stock, please visit your local store.

See what's available

BA5020 BA5020
BA5063 BA5063
BA5068 BA5068
BA5070 BA5070
BA5073 BA5073
BA5075 BA5075
BA5077 BA5077
BA5081 BA5081
BA5083 BA5083
Ava Ava
Bassey Bassey
Birdie Birdie
Bisset Bisset
Callas Callas
Cassady Cassady
Clarendon Clarendon
Elsa.jpg Elsa.jpg
Flynn Flynn
Hettie Hettie
Nikki Nikki
Prouve Prouve
Wallach Wallach
Ushuaia Ushuaia
Searose Searose
Sea breeze Sea breeze
Sandy cay Sandy cay
Sandy Sandy
Roseway Roseway
Loven Loven
Halley Halley
Frazier Frazier
Coos bay Coos bay
Casey Casey
Camden Camden
Beverley Beverley
Bayswater Bayswater
Barrie Barrie
Amelie Amelie
CK5990 CK5990
CK5975 CK5975
CK5932 CK5932
CK5920 CK5920
CK5749 CK5749
CK5444 CK5444
CK5429 CK5429
CE2717 CE2717
CE2709 CE2709
CE2689 CE2689
CE2688 CE2688
CE2687 CE2687
CE2686 CE2686
CE2626 CE2626
CE2127 CE2127
DL5264 DL5264
DL5256 DL5256
DL5254 DL5254
DL5230 DL5230
DL5193 DL5193
DL5175 DL5175
DL5160 DL5160
DQ5246 DQ5246
DQ5245 DQ5245
DQ5238 DQ5238
DQ5235 DQ5235
DQ5222 DQ5222
DQ5213 DQ5213
DQ5212 DQ5212
DQ5207 DQ5207
DQ5203 DQ5203
EL13439 EL13439
EL13438 EL13438
EL13437 EL13437
EL13436 EL13436
EL13435 EL13435
EL13434 EL13434
EL13429 EL13429
EL13427 EL13427
EL13425 EL13425
EL13423 EL13423
EL13422 EL13422
EL13418 EL13418
EP5066 EP5066
EP5065 EP5065
EP5064 EP5064
EP5063 EP5063
EP5060 EP5060
EP5059 EP5059
EP5058 EP5058
EP5054 EP5054
EP5051 EP5051
EP5050 EP5050
EP5049 EP5049
ET17556 ET17556
ET17554 ET17554
ET17549 ET17549
ET17548 ET17548
ET17546 ET17546
ET17540 ET17540
ET17537 ET17537
ET17529 ET17529
ET17527 ET17527
Ulm Ulm
Shinjuku Shinjuku
Shanghai Shanghai
Riga Riga
Norrebro Norrebro
Norden Norden
Modena Modena
Mileend Mileend
Lima Lima
Jordaan Jordaan
Florentin Florentin
Essen Essen
Brescia 2 Brescia 2
Brescia Brescia
Anvers Anvers
ET2637 ET2637
ET2634 ET2634
ET2626 ET2626
ET2605 ET2605
ET2116 ET2116
ET2115 ET2115
ET2110 ET2110
GV0067 GV0067
GV0064 GV0064
GV0062 GV0062
GV060 GV060
GV0058 GV0058
GV0050 GV0050
GV0047 GV0047
GV0046 GV0046
GV0044 GV0044
GV0028 GV0028
GV0015 GV0015
GV0014 GV0014
GV0004 GV0004
GS2661 GS2661
GS2657 GS2657
GS2649 GS2649
GS2640 GS2640
GS2634 GS2634
GU-2584 GU-2584
GU-2501 GU-2501
GU-2497 GU-2497
GU2634 GU2634
GU2523 GU2523
GU2462 GU2462
GM-0286 GM-0286
GM-254 GM-254
GM257 GM257
GU2655 GU2655
GU2640 GU2640
L3619 L3619
L2791 L2791
L2785 L2785
L2783 L2783
L2771 L2771
L2766 L2766
L2759 L2759
L2749 L2749
L2616 L2616
L2237 L2237
Trianon Trianon
Tiphaine Tiphaine
Oceane Oceane
Nouvelle Nouvelle
Noemie Noemie
Marion Marion
Gilda Gilda
Genie Genie
Aida Aida
6538 6538
6520 6520
Harley Harley
9707 9707
1126 1126
9819B1 9819B1
AF64 AF64
43637Z 43637Z
LJ2689 LJ2689
LJ2688 LJ2688
LJ2687 LJ2687
LJ2686 LJ2686
LJ2685 LJ2685
LJ2683 LJ2683
LJ2682 LJ2682
LJ2678 LJ2678
LJ2677 LJ2677
Minima 508 Minima 508
Minima 502 Purple Minima 502 Purple
Minima 502 Black Minima 502 Black
Minima 501 Red Minima 501 Red
Minima 52 Lavendar Minima 52 Lavendar
Minima 22 lilac Minima 22 lilac
Minima 22G red Minima 22G red
Minima 5 Turquoise Minima 5 Turquoise
Minima 3 Plus tortoise Minima 3 Plus tortoise
Minima 3 Plus Shiny black Minima 3 Plus Shiny black
Minima 3 Plus red Minima 3 Plus red
Minima 2 Plus Strass black Minima 2 Plus Strass black
Minima 2 Plus D Black red Minima 2 Plus D Black red
Hybrid 3 G18 Hybrid 3 G18
Hybrid 3 G8 Hybrid 3 G8
Hybrid 3 G7 Hybrid 3 G7
Hybrid 2 N3 Hybrid 2 N3
Hybrid 2 N2 Hybrid 2 N2
Contour K4 Contour K4
Contour K3 Contour K3
Contour K2 Contour K2
Tata Tata
Lea Lea
Lara Lara
Jude Jude
Bibi Bibi
Anana Anana
Alicia Alicia
ROSE 428 ROSE 428
JOHN 608 JOHN 608
FRUIT 3-622 FRUIT 3-622
FRUIT 3-620 FRUIT 3-620
FRUIT 1-622 FRUIT 1-622
FRUIT 1-620 FRUIT 1-620
992-77 992-77
981-425 981-425
974-428 974-428
973-428 973-428
972-02 972-02
972-01 972-01
971-03 971-03
971-01 971-01
955-428 955-428
949-13 949-13
943-608 943-608
933-77 933-77
931-428 931-428
905-428 905-428
904-01 904-01
812-13 812-13
VPL6309 VPL6309
VPL6293 VPL6293
VPL506 VPL506
VPL503 VPL503
VPL285 VPL285
V1972 V1972
VPL418 VPL418
VPL284 VPL284
VPL198 VPL198
V1973 V1973
RX 7117 RX 7117
RX 5356 RX 5356
RX 5285 RX 5285
RX 2447V RX 2447V
RX7039 RX7039
RX5226 RX5226
RC-969 RC-969
RC-968 RC-968
RC-940 RC-940
RC5022 RC5022
RC5019 RC5019
RC5007 RC5007
RC 752 RC 752
RC5021 RC5021
RC0940 RC0940
RC0937 RC0937
SF2754 SF2754
SF2751 SF2751
SF2734 SF2734
SF2729 SF2729
SF-2734 SF-2734
SF-2150 SF-2150
SF2727 SF2727
SF2720 SF2720
FE-2662 FE-2662
FE-2662 FE-2662
SK5190 SK5190
SK-5199 SK-5199
SK-5169 SK-5169
SK-5153 SK-5153
SK-5151 SK-5151
SK-5121 SK-5121
SK5180 SK5180
SK 5089 SK 5089
SK-5190 SK-5190
SK5187 SK5187
SK5131 SK5131
Cord Cord
Diamond Diamond
James James
Lotus bloom Lotus bloom
Lotus bloom II Lotus bloom II
Mille Mille
Piega Piega
Nawa Nawa
Pieper Pieper
Pleat Pleat
Plool Plool
Puree Puree
Pyra Pyra
String String
Vb Vb
Vd Vd
Zoo Zoo
TO5171 TO5171
TO5156 TO5156
TO5144 TO5144
TO5067 TO5067
FT5318 C FT5318 C
FT5318 B FT5318 B
FT5318 A FT5318 A
FT5374 C FT5374 C
FT5374 B FT5374 B
FT5374 FT5374
FT5421 C FT5421 C
FT5421 B FT5421 B
FT5421 A FT5421 A
FT5424 C FT5424 C
FT5421 B FT5421 B
FT5421 A FT5421 A
WL9953 WL9953
WL9922 WL9922
WL7000 WL7000
WL2257 WL2257
WL1503 WL1503
LN50017 LN50017
LN50016 LN50016
LN50015 LN50015
LN50007 LN50007
BL041 BL041
BL039 BL039

This is only a small selection of what we have in stock. To see the full range of products that we have available please visit any of our shops!