Men's Frames

At Jaff’s optical house we stock a wide range of men’s spectacles from our house brands to various designer brands.

We have focused our attention on the world’s most visionary designers because the personality of the frame reflects the personality of the wearer. We have enough choice for you to build a wardrobe of frames to match any outfit, occasion or mood. So, whether you want a pair of glasses for work in an office, or for a special occasion, we have a style for you.

For more information about any of the brands we stock, please visit your local store.

See what's available

Aalto Aalto
Banks Banks
Belvedere Belvedere
Geist Geist
Getty Getty
James James
Kagan Kagan
Lantz Lantz
Maxwell Maxwell
Skip Skip
Taupin Taupin
Woody Woody
Rockland Rockland
Wheeler Wheeler
St. John St. John
Ocean park Ocean park
Lockeport Lockeport
Cutler Cutler
Cape cod Cape cod
Cameron Cameron
Brooklyn Brooklyn
Adree Adree
CK8526 CK8526
CK8520 CK8520
CK5871 CK5871
CK5837 CK5837
CK5826 CK5826
CK5772 CK5772
CK5453 CK5453
CK5449 CK5449
XL2105 XL2105
XL2104 XL2104
XL2103 XL2103
XL2097 XL2097
XL2092 XL2092
XL2079 XL2079
XL2077 XL2077
XL2069 XL2069
XL2063 XL2063
ZT19830 ZT19830
ZT19822 ZT19822
ZT19813 ZT19813
ZT19810 ZT19810
ZT11794 ZT11794
ZT11791 ZT11791
CH12137 CH12137
CH12131 CH12131
CH11441 CH11441
CH11435 CH11435
CH10977 CH10977
CH10976 CH10976
CH10975 CH10975
CH10972 CH10972
CH16117 CH16117
CH16116 CH16116
CH16115 CH16115
CH16114 CH16114
CH16113 CH16113
CH16035 CH16035
CH16030 CH16030
CH16031 CH16031
VCH217 VCH217
VCH203 VCH203
DL5263 DL5263
DL5261 DL5261
DL5258 DL5258
DL5251 DL5251
DL5237 DL5237
DL5194 DL5194
DL5151 DL5151
DL5140 DL5140
DL5015 DL5015
DQ5242 DQ5242
DQ5240 DQ5240
DQ5233 DQ5233
DQ5231 DQ5231
DQ5210 DQ5210
DQ5199 DQ5199
DQ5198 DQ5198
ZC5011 ZC5011
EZ5100 EZ5100
EZ5078 EZ5078
EZ5041 EZ5041
EZ5101 EZ5101
EZ5064 EZ5064
EZ5057 EZ5057
EZ5048 EZ5048
EZ5028 EZ5028
EZ5004 EZ5004
ET17557 ET17557
ET17550 ET17550
ET17542 ET17542
ET17533 ET17533
ET17512 ET17512
ET17508 ET17508
ET17507 ET17507
ET17506 ET17506
ET17464 ET17464
ET17446 ET17446
Newcastle Newcastle
Mile end vi Mile end vi
Jasper Jasper
Fargo Fargo
Tuscon Tuscon
Silverstone Silverstone
East austin East austin
Dusseldorf Dusseldorf
Bremen Bremen
Brandon Brandon
GS2664 GS2664
GS2661 GS2661
GS2656 GS2656
GS2654 GS2654
GS2648 GS2648
GS2622 GS2622
GS2614 GS2614
GS2612 GS2612
GS2127 GS2127
GS2112 GS2112
GU1946 GU1946
GU1943 GU1943
GU1942 GU1942
GU1925 GU1925
GU1924 GU1924
GU1905 GU1905
GU1901 GU1901
GU1892 GU1892
L2811 L2811
L2810 L2810
L2804 L2804
L2795 L2795
L2793 L2793
L2768 L2768
L2707 L2707
L2660 L2660
L2241 L2241
L2198 L2198
Vailland Vailland
Transverse Transverse
Tradition Tradition
Theme Theme
Socrate Socrate
Respect Respect
Racine Racine
Proust Proust
Nantucket Nantucket
Monsieur Monsieur
9832 9832
SPI2213D SPI2213D
6541 6541
9705 9705
9704 9704
Minima 501 Black Minima 501 Black
Minima 62C Minima 62C
Minima 62 Minima 62
Minima 52 Shiny Gold Minima 52 Shiny Gold
Minima 22 Silver Minima 22 Silver
Minima 22G black Minima 22G black
Minima 5 Gold Minima 5 Gold
Minima 1 Matt Black Minima 1 Matt Black
Minima 1 copper Minima 1 copper
Hybrid 3 G10 Hybrid 3 G10
Hybrid 1 C25 Hybrid 1 C25
Hybrid 1 C23 Hybrid 1 C23
Hybrid 1 C13 Hybrid 1 C13
Hybrid 1 C12 Hybrid 1 C12
Contour K5 Contour K5
Contour K1 Contour K1
MB0671 MB0671
MB697S MB697S
MB0673 MB0673
MB0580 MB0580
MB0577 MB0577
MB0554 MB0554
MB0489 MB0489
MB0396 MB0396
MB0625 MB0625
MB0616 MB0616
Woodrow Woodrow
Thabani Thabani
Ronan Ronan
Nigel Nigel
Martin Martin
Isaac Isaac
Giorgio Giorgio
Dennis Dennis
Arto Arto
Alexander Alexander
8171 8171
8098 8098
7240 7240
7095 7095
7079 7079
5537 5537
5509 5509
4283 4283
4273 4273
4258 4258
38KD 38KD
OX 8105 OX 8105
OX 3112 OX 3112
OX 8121 OX 8121
OX 8076 OX 8076
OX 5124 OX 5124
FRUIT 2-622 FRUIT 2-622
FRUIT 2-620. FRUIT 2-620.
993-428 993-428
990-428 990-428
981-428 981-428
980-428 980-428
961-428 961-428
960-428 960-428
951-428 951-428
950-428 950-428
945-76 945-76
944-428 944-428
938-421 938-421
935-20 935-20
830-430 830-430
830-20 830-20
809-13 809-13
808-03 808-03
808-02 808-02
VPL566627 VPL566627
VPL0560700 VPL0560700
VPL135700 VPL135700
VPL470 VPL470
VPL467 VPL467
V1919 V1919
V1833 V1833
VPL251 VPL251
VPL249 VPL249
VPL053 VPL053
P8310 P8310
P8297 P8297
P8295 P8295
P8294 P8294
P8291 P8291
P8276 P8276
P8259 P8259
P8240 P8240
P8166 P8166
P8115 P8115
RX 7141 RX 7141
RX 6360 RX 6360
RX7079 RX7079
RX5154 RX5154
New wayfarer New wayfarer
Clubmaster wood Clubmaster wood
Va Va
Splitting bamboo 1 Splitting bamboo 1
Splitting bamboo Splitting bamboo
Rowing boat Rowing boat
Patatas Patatas
Magic mountain 1 Magic mountain 1
Magic mountain Magic mountain
Lipari Lipari
James James
Irpel Irpel
Cable Cable
Brambor acetate Brambor acetate
Alicudi Alicudi
TO5170 TO5170
TO5169 TO5169
TO5135 TO5135
FT5459 C FT5459 C
FT5459 B FT5459 B
FT5459 A FT5459 A
FT5455 C FT5455 C
FT5455 B FT5455 B
FT5455 A FT5455 A
FT5452 C FT5452 C
FT5452 B FT5452 B
FT5452 A FT5452 A
FT5450 C FT5450 C
FT5450 B FT5450 B
FT5450 A FT5450 A
FT5431 C FT5431 C
FT5431 B FT5431 B
FT5431 A FT5431 A
FT5429 C FT5429 C
FT5429 B FT5429 B
FT5429 A FT5429 A
FT5400 C FT5400 C
FT5400 B FT5400 B
FT5400 A FT5400 A
FT5323 C FT5323 C
FT5323 B FT5323 B
FT5323 A FT5323 A
WL9923 WL9923
WL8570 WL8570
WL8521 WL8521
WL8519 WL8519
WL8515 WL8515
WL6997 WL6997
WL5910 WL5910
BL201 BL201
BL047 BL047
BL036 BL036

This is only a small selection of what we have in stock. To see the full range of products that we have available please visit any of our shops!