by CooperVision

KES 3,650

Benefits of MyDay contact lenses

Manufactured with Smart Silicone™ to combine the best of silicone hydrogel and hydrogel lenses

Daily disposable lenses: hygienic and convenient

Ultra-breathable lenses allow oxygen to flow through to the eye with ease

Retains moisture all day long - suitable for those with dry eyes

UV blocking protects eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays


More information about MyDay

MyDay is a daily disposable lens by CooperVision, manufactured with their exclusive Smart Technology™. This technology takes the best features of hydrogel lenses with the best of silicone hydrogel lenses to offer a unique level of comfort and clarity of vision for daily lens wearers.

This advanced material allows more oxygen to reach your eyes while reducing the amount of silicone needed, leaving more space in the lens design for built-channels of moisture. This means that the lenses are naturally adept at retaining water so they can keep your eyes feeling hydrated and irritation-free for as long as you’re wearing them.

MyDay contact lenses are also created with an exceptionally smooth lens surface, which means that your eyelids glide smoothly over the surface when you blink and makes them easier to apply to your eye.

We shall aim to deliver the same day or 1 to 3 Working days.


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