Women's Sunglasses

At Jaff’s Optical House we stock a wide range of designer and non designer sunglasses.

Sunglasses make more than a fashion statement — they also keep your eyes safe from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. That’s why choosing the right sunglasses is an essential part of keeping your eyes healthy. UV rays can raise your risk of developing eye diseases such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD), cataracts, and even cancer of the eyes and eyelids. UV damage is cumulative, so protection must begin early in life, even though the damage may not be apparent until many years later.

Whether you are looking for sophisticated glamour, understated elegance, trendy fashionista or casual and sporty, we have all the latest trends straight from the catwalk.

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BA0048 BA0048
BA0087 BA0087
BA0092 BA0092
BA0094 BA0094
BA0095 BA0095
BA0125 BA0125
BA0128 BA0128
BA0129 BA0129
BA0130 BA0130
Waterhouse Waterhouse
Palm bay Palm bay
Montego bay Montego bay
Martinque Martinque
Palm beach Palm beach
Gold beach Gold beach
Ardee Ardee
CE3614S CE3614S
CE3607S CE3607S
CE3604S CE3604S
CE727 CE727
CE714S CE714S
CE123S CE123S
CE117S CE117S
CE114S CE114S
CE101S CE101S
DL0254 DL0254
DL0252 DL0252
DL0252 DL0252
DL0249 DL0249
DL0232 DL0232
DL0225 DL0225
DL0221 DL0221
DL0211 DL0211
DQ0277 DQ0277
DQ0276 DQ0276
DQ0274 DQ0274
DQ0273 DQ0273
DQ0247 DQ0247
DQ0242 DQ0242
DQ0166 DQ0166
EL14870 EL14870
EL14867 EL14867
EL14857 EL14857
EL14856 EL14856
EL14855 EL14855
EL14854 EL14854
EL14849 EL14849
EL14848 EL14848
EL14846 EL14846
EL14837 EL14837
EL14836 EL14836
EP0073 EP0073
EP0072 EP0072
EP0071 EP0071
EP0071 EP0071
EP0070 EP0070
EP0062 EP0062
EP0047 EP0047
EP0046 EP0046
EP0045 EP0045
EP0011 EP0011
Yaletown Yaletown
Stroget Stroget
Silverlake Silverlake
La baule La baule
Ifara Ifara
Ferlandina Ferlandina
Princesa Princesa
Prati Prati
Cap-ferret Cap-ferret
Almagro Almagro
Diamant Diamant
Beverly hills Beverly hills
Amelia Amelia
ET647S ET647S
ET645S ET645S
ET630S ET630S
ET615S ET615S
ET602S ET602S
ET600S ET600S
ET100S ET100S
GV7078S GV7078S
GV7077S GV7077S
GV7075 GV7075
GV7072S GV7072S
GV7071 GV7071
GV7052S GV7052S
GV7033S GV7033S
GV7028 GV7028
GV7016S GV7016S
GV7011 GV7011
GV7002S GV7002S
GU7469 GU7469
GU7459 GU7459
GU7420 GU7420
GU7401 GU7401
GU7530 GU7530
GU7528 GU7528
GU7513 GU7513
GU7498 GU7498
GU7385 GU7385
GU3022 GU3022
JC732S JC732S
JC670S JC670S
JC788S JC788S
JC787S JC787S
JC777S JC777S
JC754S JC754S
JC751S JC751S
JC738S JC738S
JC721S JC721S
L871S L871S
L850S L850S
L849S L849S
L848S L848S
L833S L833S
L821S L821S
L815S L815S
L812S L812S
L683S L683S
Melanie Melanie
Glamour Glamour
Diamonds 2 Diamonds 2
Colour Colour
Butterfly Butterfly
Swep Away Swep Away
Sunshine Sunshine
Summer Time Summer Time
Starfish Starfish
Secrets Secrets
Plumeria Plumeria
Pearl City Pearl City
Orchid Orchid
Ocean Ocean
Nalani Nalani
Nahiku Nahiku
Melika Melika
Kula Kula
Kalena Kalena
Jacaranda Jacaranda
Honi Honi
Canna Canna
Baby Beach Baby Beach
Minima visionair 1 Minima visionair 1
Minima sport 12 Minima sport 12
Minima sport 11 Minima sport 11
Minima sport 7 Minima sport 7
Studio4 Studio4
Studio3 Studio3
Studio1 Studio1
Lulu Lulu
Giulietta Giulietta
Celeste Celeste
Warren 76 Warren 76
Tym 2 Tym 2
Sydney Sydney
Marilyn Marilyn
Kevin metal Kevin metal
Kevin Kevin
Jack 77 Jack 77
Grace 425 Grace 425
Grace 420 Grace 420
Faloria 02 Faloria 02
Faloria 01 Faloria 01
Dylan Dylan
Dean Dean
Cortina Cortina
Celine Celine
Berry 429 Berry 429
665-77 665-77
664 POD 22 664 POD 22
664-02 664-02
306-428 306-428
SPL6439 SPL6439
SPL6248 SPL6248
SPL617 SPL617
SPL500 SPL500
SPL405 SPL405
SPL144 SPL144
SPL409 SPL409
SPL188 SPL188
SPL187 SPL187
SPL140 SPL140
RB4105 RB4105
RB4098 RB4098
RB3447 RB3447
RB2447 RB2447
RB2180 RB2180
RB2132 RB2132
RC-978S RC-978S
RC-902S RC-902S
RC 787S RC 787S
RC1047 RC1047
RC1033 RC1033
RC1014 RC1014
RC978S RC978S
RC889S RC889S
RC876S RC876S
SF773S SF773S
SF759S SF759S
SF724S SF724S
SF719S SF719S
SF674S SF674S
SF148S SF148S
SF-793S SF-793S
SF-781S SF-781S
SF-157S SF-157S
SF-157S SF-157S
SF-131SG SF-131SG
SK-0123 SK-0123
SK-0104 SK-0104
SK-0102 SK-0102
SK0077 SK0077
SK0123 SK0123
SK0116 SK0116
SK0104 SK0104
SK0102 SK0102
SK0083 SK0083
SK0055 SK0055
FT0522 C FT0522 C
FT0522 B FT0522 B
FT0522A FT0522A
FT0508 C FT0508 C
FT0508 B FT0508 B
FT0508 A FT0508 A
FT0009 B FT0009 B
FT0009 A FT0009 A

This is only a small selection of what we have in stock. To see the full range of products that we have available please visit any of our shops!