Men's Sunglasses

At Jaff’s optical house we understand the meaning of an outstanding pair of sunglasses.

Sunglasses make more than a fashion statement — they also keep your eyes safe from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. That’s why choosing the right sunglasses is an essential part of

keeping your eyes healthy. UV rays can raise your risk of developing eye diseases such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD), cataracts, and even cancer of the eyes and eyelids. UV damage is cumulative, so protection must begin early in life, even though the damage may not be apparent until many years later.

Whether you are after a smart and sophisticated look or a more sporty style, our fully trained opticians can help you find the perfect sunglasses for you. We stock the latest collections from a wide range of designers.

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Shanks Shanks
Pacific Pacific
Magnetic Magnetic
Cleveland Cleveland
Chinook III Chinook III
Chinook II Chinook II
Chinook Chinook
Saint Martin Saint Martin
Oyster bay Oyster bay
Key west Key west
Kapp lee Kapp lee
SCH219 SCH219
DL0256 DL0256
DL0194 DL0194
DL0187 DL0187
DL0185 DL0185
DL0184 DL0184
DQ0271 DQ0271
DQ0269 DQ0269
DQ0268 DQ0268
DQ0267 DQ0267
DQ0201 DQ0201
ZC0019 ZC0019
ZC0011 ZC0011
EZ0023 EZ0023
EZ0072 EZ0072
EZ0071 EZ0071
EZ0026 EZ0026
EZ0022 EZ0022
EZ0005 EZ0005
ET17951 ET17951
ET17950 ET17950
ET17949 ET17949
ET17948 ET17948
ET17946 ET17946
ET17923 ET17923
ET17922 ET17922
ET17920 ET17920
ET17919 ET17919
ET17918 ET17918
Rodeo drive Rodeo drive
Leblon Leblon
Hoboken Hoboken
Soder Soder
Montecarlo Montecarlo
Kohlmarkt Kohlmarkt
GU6923 GU6923
GU6921 GU6921
GU6918 GU6918
GU6894 GU6894
GU6887 GU6887
GU6878 GU6878
GM0754 GM0754
L870S L870S
L863S L863S
L833S L833S
L822S L822S
L790S L790S
L188S L188S
L171SL L171SL
L162S L162S
Wakea Wakea
Tail Slide Tail Slide
Sugar Beach Sugar Beach
Stingray Stingray
Stillwater Stillwater
Snapback Snapback
Sandy Beach Sandy Beach
Red Sands Red Sands
Pilot Pilot
Peahi Peahi
Mavericks Mavericks
Makaha Makaha
Kawika Kawika
Kanaha Kanaha
Island time Island time
Hot Sands Hot Sands
Hookipa Hookipa
Guardrails Guardrails
Frigate Frigate
Freight Trains Freight Trains
Cook Pines Cook Pines
Breakwall Breakwall
Banyans Banyans
Baby Beach Baby Beach
Atoll Atoll
Alaka I Alaka I
Minima sport 6 Minima sport 6
Minima sport 4 Minima sport 4
Minima sport 1 Minima sport 1
Minima pocket Minima pocket
Three rings Three rings
Streamlined Streamlined
Signature Signature
MB702S MB702S
MB700S MB700S
MB655S MB655S
MB596S MB596S
MB550S MB550S
MB548S MB548S
236293 236293
Satch Satch
Hugh Hugh
Junis Junis
Federico Federico
Brent Brent
EV1072 EV1072
EV1031 EV1031
EV1030 EV1030
EV1027 EV1027
EV1014 EV1014
EV0946 EV0946
EV0923 EV0923
EV0913 EV0913
Holbrook Holbrook
Half jacket Half jacket
Flak beta Flak beta
Crossrange Crossrange
Crosshair Crosshair
Catalyst Catalyst
Trial 80 Trial 80
Nuvolau 10 Nuvolau 10
Nuvolau 02 Nuvolau 02
Nuvolau Nuvolau
Newman Newman
Mistral Ultra Mistral Ultra
Johnny Johnny
Jack Jack
Gary Smooth 77 Gary Smooth 77
GARY 428 GARY 428
CIMA 11-14 CIMA 11-14
CIMA 11-08 CIMA 11-08
Carbon fiber 4-12 Carbon fiber 4-12
Carbon fiber 1-48 Carbon fiber 1-48
Carbon fiber 1-12 Carbon fiber 1-12
ANDY 420 ANDY 420
830-20 830-20
808-02 808-02
746-80 746-80
743-48 743-48
743-06 743-06
664 SMOOTH 12 664 SMOOTH 12
664 SMOOTH 02 664 SMOOTH 02
664-12 664-12
664-12 664-12
355-80 355-80
ANDY 420 ANDY 420
338-80 338-80
VPL 155. VPL 155.
SPL584300 SPL584300
SPL406 SPL406
SPL358 SPL358
SPL350 SPL350
SPL348 SPL348
SPL141 SPL141
SPL161 SPL161
SPL366 SPL366
SPL158 SPL158
P8647 P8647
P8643 P8643
P8636 P8636
P8631 P8631
P8586 P8586
P8578 P8578
P8566 P8566
P8494 P8494
RB8301 RB8301
RB4211 RB4211
RB4210 RB4210
RB4171 RB4171
RB3569 RB3569
RB3044 RB3044
RB3025JM RB3025JM
RB3025 RB3025
RB3016 RB3016
FT0551 C FT0551 C
FT0551 B FT0551 B
FT0551 A FT0551 A
FT0516 C FT0516 C
FT0516 B FT0516 B
FT0516 A FT0516 A
FT0515P C FT0515P C
FT0515P B FT0515P B
FT0515P A FT0515P A

This is only a small selection of what we have in stock. To see the full range of products that we have available please visit any of our shops!